I can't find the words to express the professional and compassionate care that I receive at Edison Comprehensive Medical Care.  From the time I walked thru the door in mid-October to the present moment, it has been the same atmosphere of care an concern for my well-being.  The entire medical staff has made me feel good an took the pain away.  From the receptionist to the doctors, the experience has be awesome.  I would recommend anyone seeking help and care for their physical needs to give them a call.  I would just like to say thank you, thank you for caring.

Oletha H.  57 -- Rutgers U.

I first came to Comprehensive Medical Care with pain in my low back and both knees. The pain in my knees was sharp and the pain in my back was a constant ache. I had this pain for quite some time before coming to get treated. Both my back and knee pain was a 10/10 before starting treatment. Now after completing my program, my pain level for both areas is a ZERO! I used the physical therapy and chiropractic services here and I liked them both. I also got a Synvisc injection for my osteoarthritis from Dr. Menon. The injection was terrific, it really helped me a lot. I think that treating on the DRX really helped too! I really liked it. I have already recommended this practice to others and will continue to do so.

Julia K, 84 – Retired

Before becoming a patient at CCMC I was suffering from neck and back pain due to a car accident.  Since then I feel great and I have no more pain!

CCMC made my experience extremely positive.  The care I received far from exceeded my expectations.  Everyone involved in my care showed care and concern for me and helped me get back to normal.  I am grateful to the entire staff and would not hesitate to recommend them.  Thank you!

David S. - Sales


I had been having lower back pain since June of 2011 which was the result of an auto accident I had been in. Before starting treatment, my pain level was an 8/10. Now, after treating with the staff at Comprehensive Medical Care my pain is NON - EXISTENT! Everyone was really friendly and took good care of me. Not only did I utilize the physical therapy services here, but I also saw Dr. Cho for some pain management injections and went on the DRX 9000 for non-surgical spinal decompression. They were both great. The DRX was really good and it helped relieve a lot of pain. I would feel comfortable recommending this service to others.

Michael H., 30 –Sheet Metal Worker


I had an ACL reconstruction on 12/8/11 and was suffering from throbbing and aching pain. My pain levels were at a 10/10! Now, after treating with the team at Comprehensive Medical Care, my pain is a ZERO! I was very happy with the services provided. I would definitely feel comfortable recommending this service to others and have no recommendations for improvement.

Brian C., 25 – Teacher

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